The Top Phone Apps You Need for Your Next Trip

April 11, 2019

Embrace your seasonal wanderlust—and be sure to embrace your smartphone, too. Whether you’re looking for great local dishes or want to create your own panoramic photos, your device packs a punch when you load it with these incredible apps.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, panoramic photos speak volumes. Microsoft’s Photosynth app is perfectly poised to create them. Photosynth uses your Apple device’s camera (or photos stored in its memory) to stitch together multiple photos into one panoramic shot that can then be shared on Facebook and Twitter. The app’s interface makes it easy to keep track of your progress, composing the panoramic photo before your eyes and giving you the ability to make adjustments as you go. It’s a winning companion for cataloguing your adventures—every angle of them.

The Foodspotting mobile app puts the communal spirit back into your dining experience. Once you download the app, you can snap pictures of your favorite dishes in any restaurant in any city and share your thoughts. Then, users (yourself included) can search for specific dishes, take a peek at how they look and who recommends them, and find the nearest restaurant that serves the dish. Looking for the perfect paella in Madrid? Maybe the best burger in Chicago? Foodspotting is a fun and intuitive way to find good food fast—with a little help from your virtuals.

Previously, LUXE city guides developed a reputation as smart, savvy and no-holds-barred books that offered only the crème de la crème of regional dining, attractions and nightspots. Now, that same approach has gone mobile. The travel guide producer’s mobile city guides cover some of the globe’s hottest destinations, including New York, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Venice and London. Each mobile city guide app delivers key information and expert recommendations (with LUXE’s trademark snark) at the touch of your smartphone screen. For $5.99, the price is right to learn everything there is to know about your destination metropolis—and you’ll get free updates to each guide you buy for a year.

Never again worry about forgetting something when you pack. That’s something many would pay dearly for, but with the Packing Pro app, it’ll only cost you $2.99. Packing Pro lets you create completely customizable packing lists for multiple trips right on your smart device. Much more than a simple list, Packing Pro’s supercharged functionality will total the weight of each item, toggle between unpacked items and your entire list, all while sorting items into different categories. The app’s expert list assistant will even create lists for you based on how many people are going on your trip, their gender and the length of stay—automating all your packing needs and eliminating the headaches that accompany forgotten essentials.

This fun application puts the sense of wonder back into travel, whether it’s for work or pleasure. A smartphone-powered social network, Trover lets you snap pictures of new discoveries (be it a cool-looking restaurant or stunning wall graffiti), add a note and post it for other Trover users to see. Using the app’s search function, you can discover hidden gems around your current location, get directions and visit them on your own—while keeping an eye out for more to share on your way.

You may have every luxury and relaxation planned for your big trip, but what happens on the way? Loud airports, uncomfortable seats and innumerable distractions wear you out before you even arrive. The SleepStream 2 Pro app prevents that. The sleep and relaxation app plays atmospheric audio, relaxing natural sounds, hypnosis audio tracks and binaural beats to turn any situation into a soothing nap opportunity or meditation session. Not only will you sleep better and deeper with the app’s sounds in your ear, but you can also run custom sound combinations to aid focus, improve your mood or begin a meditation session. Become well rested, lower your blood pressure and enjoy a cheery mood, all on the trip out? Check-check-check.