Never Stress at the Airport Again with This Travel Tip

June 7, 2019

Your vacation should begin from the moment you step out of your front door and leave your everyday world behind. This is the moment your travel adventure begins, and upon your arrival at the airport, your excitement should only be building. Yet oftentimes, the unpredictability of the experience looms ominously in the back of travelers’ minds. If they knew what to expect from a day of air travel, they could relax from that first moment on.

Flying on an airplane is an experience so profound that it should incite a feeling of childlike awe, so why do many travelers, who are on their way to engage in the modern miracle of flight and the bliss of a vacation, feel a low-grade stress about this necessary part of the travel experience? It’s because there are countless opportunities for discomfort and confusion along the way. 

For travelers interested in a frictionless airport experience, here’s the one tip you need: join CLEAR and move through the airport with ease.


At the airport, travelers must know the rules and follow them closely, particularly through security. Your boarding pass won’t load on your phone? You forgot about that water bottle in your carry on? You don’t have your driver’s license? With so many potential stressors, it’s no wonder airport anxiety is higher than it’s ever been, but with CLEAR, you can have peace of mind every time you head out for your flight.

Airport security, a part of the experience that’s typically slow-moving, consists of two steps: first identity verification, then security screening. CLEAR members complete the first step in a separate lane where they use their fingerprint or iris, known as biometric authentication, at a kiosk rather than waiting in line to interact with a TSA agent who has been charged with verifying their identity manually. Experienced travelers choose CLEAR knowing they’ll move quickly and easily through this part of the process, so they’re able to relax from the moment they arrive.

CLEAR replaces the need for physical ID cards, eliminating the opportunity for discomfort due to forgetfulness or misplacing your ID once you reach the front of the security line. CLEAR isn’t an alternative to TSA PreCheckit’s a complementary service that helps members move quickly through a notoriously stressful part of the airport. Click here to sign up for a free trial today and experience the difference on your next vacation.

Once a CLEAR member’s identity has been verified, they are personally escorted by a CLEAR Ambassador to the security screening area, further expediting the process. This is why CLEAR members don’t have to arrive at the airport multiple hours before their flight. With time to spare after going through security, they’re even able to leisurely grab food or relax in the lounge.

Traveling parents, knowing the trials of air travel better than anyone else, also feel the immediate relief of a CLEAR membership. When members are traveling with their families, their children under the age of 18 are welcome to use the CLEAR line with them free of charge.

This expedited security program has already made its way into 30 airports with more to come. If you’re curious about how it would feel to eliminate airport stress and have a frictionless experience on your next trip, CLEAR is offering travelers a free trial of their membership for a limited time. With predictable speed moving through security that you can count on, you’ll be able to relax long before you’re boarding at the gate.

Picture it. It’s the day you leave for vacation, and the moment you step out of your front door, the vacation bliss can begin because you’ve prioritized moving quickly and easily through the airport by joining CLEAR. You don’t have to wait until you’re laying on the beach to unwind because you eliminated potential airport stressors before they had the opportunity to ruin your day.  

With CLEAR, airport anxiety is a thing of the past, and the wonder of flying adds to the joy of every vacation. Experience the ease on your next trip by becoming a member with this free trial today. And when you join, you have a lot to look forward to. CLEAR is always innovating and coming up with new applications for their biometric technology so that one day, you’ll be the only ID you need.