A Perfect Foodie Weekend in New York City

August 21, 2018

There’s no place quite like New York, New York. Songs have been written about its charm, movies have been filmed in its streets, and people from all over the world have relocated to enjoy all it has to offer. The largest city in the U.S. boasts over 8 million residents, and it’s become a hub for culture, commerce, cuisine, and more.

So if you’re a foodie who’s planning a quick trip to this metropolitan hotspot, you want to make sure you’re prepared to soak in as much as you can. A minute should never be wasted in New York City, so our team of travel experts compiled a list of the top restaurants, hotels, and experiences for your trip.

Let’s begin with food because, honestly, is there a better place to start? If you’re a foodie, you’ve found your paradise. Classic cuisines and fusion dishes from all over the world can be found in New York City. From curry to Cuban, you’ll be able to find almost any type of international food you want to try.
Mercer Kitchen, New York City Perfect Weekend

Michelin-Rated Restaurants 

Top chefs from all over the country have opened restaurants in New York, so to say you’ll enjoy the best of the best could be an understatement. NYC is home to some of the most incredible restaurants in the world like Michelin-rated MasaLe Bernardin, and the Mercer Kitchen pictured above.

Affordable Options

NYC is also notorious for its affordable options that are just as delicious. Find world-class dumplings in Korea Town, NY-style pizza on (almost) every corner, or stop in at a Shake Shack and eat your fill without breaking the bank.

Foodie Weekend New York City Pizza


And when your sweet tooth strikes, every option you need is a quick walk or train ride away in Manhattan. Levain Bakery, home of the world’s best chocolate chip cookie, is a must visit, and if you’re not cookie-ed out after that, try one of Milk Bar’s 9 NYC locations. Regardless of what dessert you choose, top it off with one of NYC’s famous frozen hot chocolates (pictured below) from Serendipity.

If you’re looking for a more gourmet dessert experience, check out the Dominique Ansel Bakery or sit down at Max Brenner, the restaurant wholly devoted to chocolate. After you fuel up, you’ll be ready to experience the best activities and little-known tourist spots New York City has to offer. For foodies, there really isn’t a better place to spend a quick weekend trip. The diverse options and price points will keep you moving along. The best part? Even foodies get full, and when you do, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy until your next meal.